Getting rid of the harmful biofilm in your gut

“The harmful biofilm
“What exactly is this so called biofilm? It’s nothing more than a thin and transparent layer of mucus, invisible to the naked eye. Even the doctor who’s examining your colon during a colonoscopy with a camera cannot see it. That harmful biofilm is definitely there however.

“The biofilm forms an impermeable layer and protects the harmful bacteria, causing them to become untouchable to the immune system and any kind of treatment. This makes it nearly impossible to fight them, neither by natural means nor antibiotics. As a result, the body is burdened with harmful bacteria it can no longer control, making it harder for the good bacteria to survive.

“Unfortunately, this isn’t the only problem caused by biofilm. It also irritates the intestinal wall by adhering to it. The natural intestinal mucosa dries out, causing the wall to lose its natural protective layer. The cells in the intestinal wall are damaged and it becomes slightly inflamed. You won’t feel or notice this in the short term, but it can be disastrous for your health in the long run.”


The Gut: Gateway to Health
by Marion Schaatsbergen

Why remove the biofilm from your gut?

An unhealthy gut may be the culprit behind a myriad of physical and mental problems. Widespread pollution has left our intestines in disarray. The biggest culprit is the little-known biofilm, a resilient layer created by harmful bacteria. It shields these unwanted intruders from your immune system’s defenses, disrupts the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria crucial for digestion, and even compromises your intestinal wall.

International intestinal expert, Marion Schaatsbergen, shares her groundbreaking detox method specifically designed to cleanse your intestines and rid them of the harmful biofilm. Embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier body, amplified energy levels, reduced complaints and, as a bonus, a radiant appearance and a slimmer physique.

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About the author

“This book stems from my personal mission: to make the world healthier by sharing my knowledge about the gut. As a naturopathic therapist, I explain how your intestines work and what you can do to make and keep them healthy. The gut: Gateway to Health is based on more than 40 years of practical experience in making thousands of intestines healthy again and teaching about it.”

Marion Schaatsbergen