ColonCleanse Standard Program 6 days

  • This is a professional level cleanse, but done at home
  • Cleans the whole colon, and in a colon friendly way
  • Developed from 40 years of practice and research
  • A unique program with a unique effect and a visible result. There’s really nothing else like it on the market.
  • Complete meal replacement for 6 days
  • Properly removes the biofilm (see below)
  • 80,000 programs sold so far
  • Recommended by more than 1,000 natural health care practitioners

Standard program (6 day)

  • Best program to do for your first time


There are colon “cleanses” and there are colon cleanses

ColonCleanse by Vitamunda is based on a unique development from the work of trained Dutch Naturopath Marion Schaatsbergen.

Marion spent 40 years actually performing colon cleanses as the main treatment for the patients at her practice. She used and tried practically every different type of colon cleanse particularly colon hydrotherapy and supplement based treatments. Although her patients were pleased with the results, Marion did not feel that the existing methods were as thorough or as comfortable as they should be.

ColonCleanse by Vitamunda removes the “biofilm”. Your colon has a natural moist layer on the surface, but over time it builds up a biofilm layer on top of that. This biofilm layer contains such things as unfriendly bacteria. In Marion’s practice she saw that getting rid of the biofilm gave the best results for a colon cleanse.

How does it remove the biofilm? In the most gentle way possible. The main active ingredient is absorbed into the biofilm where it swells until the biofilm eases away from the intestinal wall.

You visibly see the biofilm (if you look!) during the treatment. This is an integral part of our program. Sometimes it comes out whole and sometimes in pieces. 
And while some other treatments do occasionally mention the biofilm, it’s more as a haphazard, incomplete side effect.

ColonCleanse by Vitamunda cleans the whole colon. Treatments like colon hydrotherapy only cleanse the lower part of the intestine

This is a professional program, however, you do yourself while carrying on with life.
The program is a 3, 6 or 12 day schedule consisting of different sachets which you use to make shakes.

It is a complete meal replacement. You won’t need to take anything else during that time and you won’t expect to feel hungry

More than 80,000 programs have been sold. It is a proven, safe treatment

It has been recommended by more than 1,000 natural health care practitioners

It is gentle on the colon. Some treatments, like psyllium husks, can scratch the colon wall

All-natural ingredients:
Vegan, organic, gluten free, sustainable, no chemical additives, no sugar

Wake up and good night shake (2 sachets of 7 g)
Contents sachet: Wheatgrass powder*, Enzymes

Meal shake (3 sachets of 25 g)
Contents sachet: Oil palm fiber powder, Pea protein powder, FOS inulin, Okra powder, Red rice powder, Guar gum, Mango fruit powder, Vanilla powder

Snack shake (2 sachets of 8 g)
Contents sachet: Carrot powder, Passionfruit powder, Pea protein powder, Chlorella pyrenoidosa, Okra powder, Omega-3 powder

*of organic origin

General Information

If you are doing the ColonCleanse treatment for the first time, we recommend using the 6-day Standard Program, (or 12 day Intensive Program if you prefer).

The Intensive Program is recommended for those that want to lose some extra weight in addition to doing the cleanse.

During the 6 or 12 days you consume enough active substances from the shakes to cleanse both the colon and the small intestine.

ColonCleanse facilitates cleaning of the intestines and helps maintain normal bowel function and increase the growth of beneficial intestinal flora.

Because ColonCleanse is intestinal cleansing, it contributes to vitality and digestion.

Moreover, ColonCleanse has a beneficial effect on the function of the gallbladder, liver, and kidneys. The treatment also supports the liver and digestion, which have a beneficial effect on lowering sugar and cholesterol levels.

All ingredients in the ColonCleanse treatment are of high quality and produced in a certified Good Manufacturing Practice, (GMP), facility.

Easy to do

In your kit you will receive 6 packages, a shaker, as well as an instruction sheet and a tips booklet.

One package is good for one day. A package includes seven sachets for seven shakes. The contents of the sachets are mixed with water to create a simple shake.

During this treatment, you will only be consuming these shakes. However, try to drink as much water as possible alongside the shakes. The tips booklet that is included in your kit contains many suggestions that will make the program more enjoyable. For example, by adding juices or cocoa powder.

Although the shakes are pretty filling, a few people taking the program feel the need to eat something extra. If that does happen, it is best to eat some pureed apple or tomato, or some organic vegetable broth.

In addition to the instruction sheet and tips booklet, we have instructional videos to show how everything is done and a full Frequently Asked Questions section on this site.

You can also contact our support section if you have further questions.