Frequently Asked Questions

You will probably have questions during the program. On this page, we have listed answers to the most common questions that our customers have asked us.

Is ColonCleanse similar to fasting?

ColonCleanse and fasting are barely comparable.

By definition, you don’t eat anything if you are fasting, while ColonCleanse is a balanced formula. In addition to its detoxing effect, ColonCleanse contains all the nutrients you need for a day.

While doing the ColonCleanse, you only consume what is in the sachets. Herb teas and a glass of organic fruit juice are permitted, just as when fasting. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks are not permitted.

When can I expect results?

The amount of pollution in your intestines determines how quickly you detox. You will usually notice this in the bathroom after a day. In the case of a seriously contaminated intestinal wall, it may take 2-3 days before you start to see the effects.

Does the treatment not work for some people?

Everyone we know that has been on the program has benefitted from it, given that the instructions were correctly followed. It is also the case that each person is different and responds in a unique way to the treatment. When and how the biofilm leaves the body can vary, but it is important to know that the program always does its job.

ColonCleanse originated from our naturopathic (natural health) practice where our physicist has nearly 35 years of experience in treating patients. During the use of the ColonCleanse in our practice, hundreds of people were measured before and after with Bio-Resonance. Sometimes the biofilm does not come out “visibly” for everyone which may leave them disappointed. However, we know that the treatment is still doing what it should, based on our measurements of hundreds of cases

Our statistics show that maybe 20% of people who take the program don’t observe the visible results (the biofilm). However, the expulsion of the biofilm is a mechanical event. When you take our formula, it becomes absorbed by the biofilm. You can’t even counteract that if you wanted to, it is simply the property of the ingredient.

Those who do not see any biofilm at all come out during the course, usually have a somewhat tougher biofilm which will come out by itself and needs a bit more help. This is not bad at all, it just needs a bit more content in the colon to push it out, which happens when you start eating again. The only downside to this is that you will no longer be able to recognize what it is, it will not have the typical stringy appearance.

Is the ColonCleanse treatment safe?

ColonCleanse is very safe. The product is 100% natural and contains no toxic ingredients.

Is there anyone for whom the program is unsafe?

It is possible for pollutants already present in the colon to be released during the program. For this reason we do not recommend it for pregnant women, women who are breast feeding and by children who are not yet teenagers.

I find it difficult to drink the shakes and I don't like the taste. What can I do about that?

A few people have difficulty drinking the shakes. Here are some tips to overcome that.

1. Take the shakes in two parts. Mix half the contents of the sachet with 400ml of water, then do the same with the other half. This dilutes them more than usual which makes the drink much thinner.

2. To improve the taste, you may add some organic juice concentrate. All kinds of juice are allowed. Or you can add fresh fruit juice, a bit of tomato puree or vegetable juice.

3. Some people prefer to make the meal shakes with warm water so that they taste more like porridge.

Do I need to stay near a bathroom during the program?

Staying near a bathroom is not necessary. You will use the bathroom more than usual, but getting rid of toxins happens without difficulty and is not painful.

Will I lose weight during the ColonCleanse program?

The program will make your metabolism work better. You will usually notice a reduction in your waistline.
ColonCleanse is also helpful as a slimming method, in which case we recommend the 12-day version.

How long do I have to follow the program?

This varies from person to person. There are actually three variations of program length:

Acclerated program (3 days)
* For slim people who don’t want to lose any weight
* For people who have previously done the program and want to do a maintenance treatment

Standard program (6 days)
* For those of normal weight

Intensive program (12 days)
* For those who are overweight

Why is there a build-in and a build-out phase?

This is to reduce the transition from solid food to detox. Cutting back on food will reduce any withdrawal symptoms. That is why we also recommend reducing the use of coffee and alcohol on these days.

After the detox, your intestinal system is not only cleansed, but also somewhat vulnerable. The cells of the intestinal wall are now in direct contact with food. The intestines need time to get used to this new situation. That is why you always start with liquid food and then take soft and cooked food the next day. You will find more information in the program instructions which have been included.

What should I do if I unexpectedly fall ill during the treatment?

That depends on the situation.

If you feel flu and experience head and muscle pain, these are most likely detoxification symptoms. In that case, drink extra water and continue the treatment.
If you develop more serious health problems – something we have never experienced before – you should pause the treatment and consult a doctor.

If I still want to eat or drink something apart from water during the program, is it allowed?

For the best effect, it is better not to consume any other food during the program. If you still do want to eat something else, for example because you normally consume a lot of calories, it is best to have a mashed apple or tomato. Do this twice per day, at most.

In addition to water, you are also allowed to drink organic herbal tea, fruit juice or vegetable stock. People with dizzy spells or too little energy can also take homemade smoothies.

What should I do if I get constipation?

For a small percentage of those on the program, the bowel movement may seem slow to start. In fact, it is not necessary to have immediate or daily bowel movements during the course, it is completely normal if it only happens every few days.

Some people have a somewhat more persistent biofilm which may not be expelled during the actual program. This is not harmful, the biofilm always comes out, but it may take longer than usual. For some, this only happens after they have finished the treatment, but there is no need to be concerned. The program is always successful; sometimes the result happens a bit later.

If desired, additional measures can be taken during the program to expel the biofilm immediately. You can drink plum juice or eat roasted plums.

If that is still not sufficient, we recommend the use of magnesium sulphate. Magnesium Sulphate is easy to find online or at the drug store. Take 2 tablespoons dissolved in a tall glass of water. It is wise to stay close to a bath room afterwards.

If you have problems during the treatment, you can always send us an email and we will respond promptly.

I am on the cure but have little or no bowel movements and feel bloated. Is this normal?

It is normal for a certain percentage of people that little comes out during the course. The biofilm swells quite a bit, but is more stubborn for some than for others. The bloating is due to the swelling of the biofilm caused by the ingredients in our product that make the biofilm absorb water. This is a positive thing. As a result, it can take a while before the biofilm comes out, sometimes even after people start eating normally again. In those cases it is no longer recognizable as the biofilm, but tests have shown that it always comes out.

If you are not comfortable with this situation, you can take laxative tea, plum juice or in heavier cases even Epsom salts during the cure. But rest assured that it is by no means abnormal that nothing visibly happens. Every person is different and responds in a unique way. The great thing about the ColonCleanse cure is that it always does its job, whether it comes out after 1 or only after 7 days.

Hang in there, the cure automatically works on the biofilm, even if it only comes out after you start eating regularly again.

Doesn't this program also cause you to lose good bacteria?

The program doesn’t cause loss of good gut bacteria.

The good bacteria are located in the intestinal wall. Due to the existence of the biofilm, (an unhealthy mucus layer), the intestinal wall is compressed and dries out. This creates a shortage of good bacteria and a surplus of pathogenic bacteria. When you get rid of the unhealthy mucus layer, the intestinal wall will recover.

The ColonCleanse program does not affect the “healthy biofilm” (which is not strictly speaking a real biofilm). This is the healthy mucous layer which covers all mucous membranes of the human body, such as the surface of the inside of the mouth. Normally, you would have such a layer in the intestine, immediately against the intestinal wall, but because the harmful bacteria form an impenetrable skin-like layer over it, the healthy mucus layer dries out.

The healthy mucus layer, if it were still present in the intestines, has no skin for our formula to penetrate, so it cannot be removed by the program. During the program, the biofilm of the harmful bacteria disappears and the healthy mucus layer in the intestine can be rebuilt by the body.

Afterwards, we recommend supplementing the good bacteria by, for example, eating probiotic foods and using our Superbiotics. That will help the amount of good bacteria to multiply and so keep the intestinal flora in optimum condition.

What should I do if I get reactions while I'm on the program?

It is actually normal to get reactions during the program. A detox treatment always puts a magnifying glass on your existing health condition. If you have certain conditions or ailments, they could appear more strongly during the treatment. This is actually a very good sign since it indicates that the body is sending “energy” to the parts of the body which need to recover.

Sometimes there were things going on in the body before you began the program, but you weren’t aware of them yet. They then manifest themselves during the program and you don’t know where they came from.

Nevertheless, if things happen during the program which worry you, you should definitely consult your doctor.

What does the biofilm look like? (Warning: You need a strong stomach before you look at this!)

We’re sorry we can’t do this in a tasteful way.

The biofilm may be excreted in one piece, or broken up but still noticeable.. And your trips to the bathroom may look different than normal.

What is the scientific basis for the Colon Detox program?

There are a number of scientific articles which demonstrate the biofilm, the underlying issue which the ColonCleanse program addresses.
Click here for the most relevant article >>

The most important quote from this article:

“However, there is evidence showing that mucosal bacteria growing in biofilms on surfaces lining the gut differ from luminal populations, and that due to their proximity to the epithelial surface, these organisms may be important in modulating the host’s immune system and contributing to some chronic inflammatory diseases.”

This quote alone indicates that the bacteria that form this biofilm are different from the bacteria that normally occur in the intestines, that they affect the immune system in its function and cause inflammatory diseases. It can be concluded that the biofilm lies on top of the healthy mucous layer of the intestinal wall. This harmful biofilm dries out the healthy mucous layer that lines the intestinal wall, with all the pathogenic consequences that come from that.

Here are two more articles confirming the existence of the harmful biofilm.
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Colon Detox has been extensively tested on thousands of patients in my own practice and those of other practitioners. It has been used by more than 80,000 people at the time of writing with extensive positive feedback, and it continues to be popular.

Does the program have any consequences if I am taking an oral contraceptive

The program should have no consequences with regard to taking your regular oral contraceptive. Do maintain the habit of taking the pill just before going to sleep. If you do that then then the active ingredients from the pill won’t mix with the program’s shakes as they are absorbed in the biofilm. If you wait until 3 hours after your last shake of the day before you take the pill then there is no problem.

Would I ever need to repeat the program?

It’s important to know that after you’ve done the ColonCleanse program, the contamination can build up again. After completion, many people decide to follow a healthier diet, but it’s hard to succeed perfectly in that. The contaminated mucus layer can again, slowly but surely, build up. For this reason we recommend repeating the program from time to time. That’s why we created the 3 day version.

How often you would need to repeat depends on how long you did the program for the first time.

  • If your original program was 3 days long, then you can repeat it after 3 months
  • If you had done the 6 day program then you can do the 3-day refresher after 6 months
  • If your original program was 12 days, then you can refresh using the 3-day program after 6 months

Following this regimen will help you to maintain the gains you received from doing the program in the first place. Taking Superbiotics probiotics will also help to maintain your gains in any event.