A professional level colon cleanse which you do at home​

  • ColonCleanse by Vitamunda Health has been recommended by more than 1,000 natural health practitioners.
  • This unique program is unlike other cleanses and results in a specific and visible result (more on that below). There is really nothing else like it on the market
  • It was developed from 40 years of practice testing different types of colon cleanse
  • It cleans the whole colon and in a colon-friendly way
  • The kit is actually a complete meal replacement for the 6 days of the program and consists of seven daily sachets which you use to make shakes. You will be able to continue with your daily life as normal while you are on the program and, with very few exceptions, you won’t feel hungry
  • More than 80,000 programs already sold worldwide

What ColonCleanse will do for you

Your colon has a natural moist layer on the surface, but over time it builds up a biofilm layer on top of that. This biofilm layer contains such things as unfriendly bacteria.

ColonCleanse by Vitamunda releases the biofilm, and it does so the most gentle way possible. The main active ingredient  of the cleanse is absorbed into the biofilm where it swells until the biofilm eases away from the intestinal wall.

You visibly see the biofilm (if you look!) during the treatment. Sometimes it comes out whole and sometimes in pieces. This is an integral result from our program. And while some other treatments do occasionally mention the biofilm, it’s more as a haphazard, incomplete side effect.

When you buy ColonCleanse you get
6 daily packages. Each daily package contains


  • complete meals replacements; all you need to eat for the day
  • all the nutrients you need
  • the ingredients for the shakes
  • the shaker you will need to make the shakes
  • full instructions
  • a tips booklet which explains variations and ideas to enjoy the program

Because this is a professional level program, it does cost a bit more than a simple supplement …

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A closer look at the ingredients of ColonCleanse by Vitamunda

A very specific fibre, fermented and powdered.
This is the main active ingredient of the program as described above.

Your colon has probably had years to become contaminated. Its own natural mucus layer (which is under the biofilm) is usually dried out to some extent, often leaving the intestine wall inflamed. ColonCleanse contains okra to moisten that mucus layer and allow it to function properly again.

Red rice powder, Inulin
Known as prebiotics: compounds in food that induce the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms

18 amino acids
7 plant extracts

The history of colon cleanse

ColonCleanse by Vitamunda is based on the work of Natural Health Practitioner Marion Schaatsbergen who spent 40 years in practice and personally treated over 2,000 patients successfully with colon cleanses.

Her experience began with colon hydrotherapy (a water flush similar to doing an enema). However, she saw that this method only cleaned the large intestine and so other treatments were needed too. Unfortunately, all of those approaches had drawbacks and often included abrasive or diarrhea-inducing ingredients.

What Marion looked for was a solution which could easily be done at home and by anyone. She worked towards something better, working with patients in her practice and testing her discoveries on herself (and her partner Philip, one of the directors of Vitamunda Health and handy guinea pig).

But she had no idea it was going to take so long.

After 35 years of research, she came across a product which tackles the entire biofilm in a friendly and very effective way. Based on a fermented fibre, it gently penetrates the biofilm without destroying it and ensures that the intestinal wall is moistened again. The toxic biofilm can then no longer adhere and simply slips out, without any discomfort for the user.

The science behind ColonCleanse

There are a number of studies written on this topic. If you’d like to research the background, here are a few to get you started.

Macfarlane, S., Bahrami, B., & Macfarlane, G. T. (2011). Mucosal biofilm communities in the human intestinal tract. Advances in applied microbiology,75, 111-143.

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Then there is the considerable work-in-practice by Marion and others. As we said, these are practical treatments which go back 30 years in her practice alone.

And, over the last five years, both therapists and users have let us know how much the product has helped them. Here are just a few of their experiences:

What therapists are saying about ColonCleanse*

Colon Detox is an extremely effective treatment which I am happy to recommend to the patients in my practice.

Hayo Bol

This treatment has improved me tremendously, the beauty of this product is that you notice and see that it works. I am very happy that I did this! I will definitely recommend this in my practice.


With 20 years of experience in guiding people during fasting, detox and special diets, this treatment really was an eye-opener.


What the public are saying about ColonCleanse*

I’m 7 pounds lighter, wake up fit every day and am now sitting at my desk wondering how to lose my energy.
Rob Hermans

To my surprise, I did not feel hungry during this treatment.  I have lost 7 kg so I can put my clothes on more easily.

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* We don’t promise that you will get the same results as these testimonials, but they are genuine reviews left on reviews pages.